To me this image speaks volumes. It just shows that at a very young age girls are introduced to princesses and in turn they receive the mindset that they themselves are princesses, therefore they must act like one. So from this predisposition young girls are now infatuated with being a princess, more specifically a Disney Princess. And for those who want to be Snow White, they will most likely end up becoming passive, and succumbing to the patriarchal society that many feminists are trying to get rid of. Ultimately, it is not a bad thing to dream of being a princess, but my advice is that if you ever have a child who wants to be a princess, teach them to be one that is courageous and stands up for herself and her beliefs, and doesn’t allow anyone to walk all over them.

By: Shelbie Cornelius

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  1. Great job with your website guys! This post was my favorite. When I was a little girl my mom always let me pretend to be a princess and dress up, but nowadays, its more than just the dress up for little girls. It is taught that finding your so called “prince” is the most important, and being pretty is what guys look at your for- the notion that if you are not pretty then you won’t be happy. I agree that parents should instead teach girls to stand up for themselves and be courageous; guys like a girl that can be confident and courageous without relying on them! —-Alexa Falcone


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