You Are So Much More Than A Disney Princess

Peggy Orenstein’s faces the conflicts of Disney Princesses, such as Snow White, and their affect on young girls. As a mother of a young daughter, Orenstein stresses how hard it is to degrade Disney princesses, one of the largest franchises in the world, when they are held in such high regard for so many young girls.

Interestingly enough,  Orenstein (2006) has found that school-age girls feel the need to be perfect (p.36). She states that to be perfect several girls feel they must, “… not only to get straight A’s and be the student-body president, editor of the newspaper and captain of the swim team but also to be ‘kind and caring,’ ‘please everyone, be very thin and dress right.’ Give those girls a pumpkin and a glass slipper and they’d be in business (p.36). Orenstein, just like many mothers, continuously tries to state her opinions on princesses onto her young daughter, who doesn’t seem to understand the complexity of the issues.

Overall Orenstein realizes that her daughter is like any little girl and loves princesses, and she struggles to find a way to help her daughter understand that she should want to be so much more than a Disney Princess.

By Julia Powers

2 thoughts on “You Are So Much More Than A Disney Princess

  1. I agree, in society many young girls strive to be just like the disney princesses. They are too young to see the hidden patriarchal messages that the fairytales depict. This makes me wonder how I will react one day if my daughter wants to be just like one of the disney princesses. It is important to analyze fairytales as children get older in order for them to see the problematic themes that exist in if not all, most fairytales in society.
    -Jillian Lynch


  2. The affect of the Disney Princess on young girls’ psyches has been a on going dilemma for quite some time. Disney princesses are everywhere- from clothes, to bedroom decor, to trinkets and toys- no one can quite get away from them. With the high standing of the Disney franchise no one will be able to completely destroy that franchise in a minute. But, with the heightened consciousness that has arisen of the influence of the Disney Princess, that is our first societal step to disembodying it. I feel that stripping young girls from this franchise is a difficult process but what we can do, is educate young girls enough that they will view disney princesses as the example of what is not right.
    – Brianna Gunzy


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