When Snow White’s Skin Isn’t As White As Snow

Marissa Meyer’s has written four books in her Lunar chronicle series. All four of these books are connected, but also re-tellings of classic fairy tales. Her fourth book titled Winter, encapsulates the re-telling of Snow White. Meyer’s, as she does with all of her female heroines, makes this princess so much stronger and independent than the original tales portray. The biggest attribute she gives to this Snow White though is that she makes her an African American character, something we have never seen Snow White depicted as.

Meyer’s in an interview states, “After all, why shouldn’t Snow White be a woman of color? Or any other princess, for that matter? There’s absolutely no reason, and I think it’s good to challenge people’s preconceptions sometimes, and be challenged myself” (Meyers, 2015). Meyers has encapsulated what it means to test the status quo, she has made great strides in creating feminist females, along with creating a racially diverse character whose main characteristic has always been her snow white skin.

Overall, Meyers is a great writer who truly has tested our original thoughts on classic fairy tales.

By: Julia Powers

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