FILM VIEW; Snow White Is No Feminist

This article published by the New York Times practically bad mouths Snow White because she is not a feminist. With this film being made in 1937, the term feminist was probably only one that would be spoken in an academic setting. In the 1930s the word feminist was not as widely used as it is today. But the author of this article sees this to be an issue because this film is so widely known that its impact on the nation or even the planet is incalculable.

The author mentions how Snow White makes domestic chores seem fun to do, and that needing a man is the only goal in a women’s life. The author states that it is because of these traits that Snow White has no distinct personality. The author says that Snow White evil stepmother has more character development than Snow White does.

It is portrayed that Snow White’s only purpose in the film is to be the main character but to be that passive character that allows anything to happen. For example, she is swept off her feet and taken to the prince’s castle to marry, and she does not even have a word in any of it, she just goes along with it. This does send the wrong message to the young children who watch this movie. But we can only hope that these children will be able to see past the passive and unfeminist characteristics and to see the kindness that Snow White shows throughout the film.

By Shelbie Cornelius

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